Buchmessen Update 📖

Ganz kurzes Update mal auf deutsch: ich bin, wie so viele andere auch, die nächsten vier Tage in Leipzig auf der Buchmesse. Daher wird es erst danach ne schöne Zusammenfassung von all den Büchern und Eindrücken geben. Ich wünsch euch allen noch eine schöne Woche 🙂

And because this post looks way too short for my liking, I’ll indulge my English speaking readers as well. I’m at Leipzig book fair for the next few days, so there’ll be no posts until next week. But you can look forward to a nice summary of everything that’s happening and of course of all the bookish things I might be able to get my hands on. 

So until then, enjoy your weekend! 🙂


Review: King’s Cage by Victoria Aveyard


“Not a god’s chosen, but a god’s cursed. That’s what we all are.”

Welcome to another review! First things first: I would consider this full of spoilers. With using the conditional here I do mean to say that this is literally a huge spoiler bubble. Especially because I like to share my thoughts on certain important plot points that happen towards the end of the book. So be warned. I’ll be adding a read more for good measures. You’ll be on your own from here on; okay, no I’m kidding. I won’t leave your side.

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Review: A Conjuring of Light by V.E. Schwab

29939230Witness the fate of beloved heroes – and enemies.

The precarious equilibrium among four Londons has reached its breaking point. Once brimming with the red vivacity of magic, darkness casts a shadow over the Maresh Empire, leaving a space for another London to rise.

Kell – once assumed to be the last surviving Antari – begins to waver under the pressure of competing loyalties. And in the wake of tragedy, can Arnes survive?

Lila Bard, once a commonplace – but never common – thief, has survived and flourished through a series of magical trials. But now she must learn to control the magic, before it bleeds her dry. Meanwhile, the disgraced Captain Alucard Emery of the Night Spire collects his crew, attempting a race against time to acquire the impossible.

And an ancient enemy returns to claim a crown while a fallen hero tries to save a world in decay.

Happy Saturday! 🙂

Spring is finally upon us and this weekend was nice enough that I just spent the last hours sitting outside with coffee and cake, and most importantly, my kindle (this would have been a really nice k-alliteration in German. Guess, I can’t have everything). And I finally, finally, finished A Conjuring of Light. I apologize in advance for how unorganized this review is, but I just had to write something the moment I’m done when most of my thoughts are still wrapped around the book.

That one was a wild ride. It feels like I read it for months and not just a little bit over a week. Oh boy. I can’t count the number of times I had to put down the book just to take a deep breath. Hint: It was almost all the time. As you might remember from this post here, I originally planned to binge it all. Didn’t really work that well due to the usual work related reasons and other books I squeezed in. I’m not sure if it would have been healthy anyway after that ending and the now looming reading slump.

But back to the book. This one is by far my favorite one out of the whole series. The moment I started the first chapter I was hooked again and it never stopped. I’m not sure if the Essen Tasch happened in this book or if it was part of the one before (or maybe part of both? Distinguishing between the both is kinda blurry at the moment) but I loved it. It was interesting to see another aspect of how magic is handled in Red London and I was just mesmerized by the tournament. Especially since everything was still okay.
Why couldn’t it just stay happy and simple. Instead it got so intense with people dying all the freaking time. Like, I really would have appreciated a break from time to time, so I didn’t have to take them myself.

Nevertheless, Victoria Schwab managed to create such a wonderful world with even more amazing diverse characters and I’m in love with all of them. Literally all of them. I can’t even decide who I love the most. If any of you are thinking of reading the Shades of Magic series, I can just repeat the list I tell my friends (while subtly forcing them to read it asap of course):

  • Badass Cross-Dressing Pirate Lady (and even more pirate ladies)
  • POC main characters
  • actual bisexual characters
  • Magic!!
  • The only thing better than London: four Londons

Honestly, at this point I’m still not ready to say goodbye to the story, and it’s been a few days already. Any tips on how to get over a reading slump? So far, I’m trying to reread old ones because I have no open mind for my tbr.



Review: Heartless by Marissa Meyer


Hello people! I promised you reviews and I’m not going to disappoint today. Coincidentally the first review of this year is also the first book I’ve read in 2017.  Heartless by Marissa Meyer is an Alice in Wonderland inspired novel focusing on the queen of hearts. I’ve always been quite fond of fairy-tale retellings and Alice in Wonderland has been quite a constant thing in my life as far as I can remember.

Catherine may be one of the most desired girls in Wonderland and a favorite of the unmarried King, but her interests lie elsewhere. A talented baker, she wants to open a shop and create delectable pastries. But for her mother, such a goal is unthinkable for a woman who could be a queen.

At a royal ball where Cath is expected to receive the King’s marriage proposal, she meets handsome and mysterious Jest. For the first time, she feels the pull of true attraction. At the risk of offending the King and infuriating her parents, she and Jest enter into a secret courtship.

Cath is determined to choose her own destiny. But in a land thriving with magic, madness, and monsters, fate has other plans.

Before you read the book- maybe even before you continue reading this review- get yourself something sweet. Chocolate. Muffins. Cake. Whatever works best for you. Because I can tell you that you’ll be aching for sugary treats as soon as you start reading. Catherine, the protagonist, is a passionate baker and all the descriptions of lemon tarts, pumpkin pie, and scones make your mouth water so much I contemplated pausing and making myself some scones as well. Luckily, I could convince my mom to get me some Baklava, so I could continue reading while I was waiting. Yes, I just wanted to tell you all how great my mom is. Five stars. End of review. (Okay, I just noticed that I won’t talk about any more desserts, but please indulge yourself on my account ! 🙂 )

But for real, I devoured this book. “Fine literature does work up an appetite”. I think we can all agree with this quote. And this isn’t the only quote I have for you guys today. I basically lived for all of Meyer’s references to the original work. It wouldn’t have been Wonderland without its quirks and Jabberwockies. The Hatter’s, or should I say Hatta as he is called here, portrayal was on point and now I have at least three different answers to why a raven is like a writing desk. While we get our beloved and often quoted ones, I don’t want to withhold this gem for you:

“I heard the most delightful talk at the party today […] about a little girl who discovered an upward-falling rabbit hole just off the Crossroads, and when she started to climb her body fell up and up and— “

There’s literally nothing you can do wrong with subtle references and I did enjoy that brief glimpse into their experience with dear Alice.
Another thing I liked about Meyer’s writing style that you could pinpoint the beginning of Cath’s downward spiral into despair and madness, and into everything we later know to be characteristically of the Queen of Hearts. That point starts the first time the iconic line “Off with the head” falls. Throughout the book, I was waiting for this moment that would explain to us why that nice-ish girl would change so drastically. All I can say is that the author lived up to my expectations and created quite the heartless character. Hah, I stop with the puns now, promise!

In my opinion, the relationship between Cath and Jest progressed way too fast. I liked both characters just fine on their own, but to really ship them I would have needed either more pages or another book. For me, it felt like just another -more or less valid- excuse to throw in as a reason to why she couldn’t marry the king. Especially since they knew each other for a really short time. Thankfully, she did not forget her dream of opening a bakery for a boy, so there’s that.

I personally would have loved to have more insight on the White Kingdom, but I have to admit that that would have probably broken the mould for a stand-alone novel. Maybe, one day, we get all that content in a new book. That’d be quite nice.


Books I’m looking forward to in 2017

Hello lovelies !

I’m back again and don’t worry; There are actually a few reviews on my to do list and they should be up in the next few days. So look forward to that 🙂
Maybe, just maybe, they’ll be online even sooner, since I do actually have to come up with a plan for my future this weekend and I’m pretty sure I’m going to procrastinate on that with writing so I can feel like I accomplished at least something? Yup, my coping mechanism is a bit messed up.
Anyway, today I’d like to share some of the books I’m looking forward to this year. I probably forgot a lot/most of them. But these are the ones I instantly remembered.  Surprisingly, many are the last book in a series. Guess I need to find quite a few new ones to start this year then.

What books are you looking forward to read this year? I’d like to get your recs!

King’s Cage – Victoria Aveyard


This one’s coming out in like three days on February 7th.  I really enjoyed Red Queen, and of course I liked and rooted for the wrong character. That’s why I didn’t enjoy the second book, I kept hoping for him to redeem himself, and well, I still hoping for it to happen in the finale.

A Conjuring of Light – V.E. Schwab


Another February release! I just finished A Darker Shade of Magic and already started with the second book. It’s been quite some time since I had a good binge reading worthy series but there’s literally nothing you can do wrong with London(s) and magic. Also, I’m certain that I still have a few days to mentally prepare myself for the end.

The Bone Witch – Rin Chupeco


I’m in love with this cover. It’s breathtakingly beautiful and after seeing all the pictures on bookstagram, I just had to buy it. Sadly, it’s not out until March and everyone already seems to have an ARC. Here’s to hoping that I can wait another month.

Always and Forever Lara Jean – Jenny Han

This is probably my most anticipated read of the year. I’m glad to see that Jenny Han, too, can’t say goodbye to the Song sisters yet and decided to make it a trilogy. I don’t know how many times I’ve read these books, but they never fail to make me smile.

Lord of Shadows – Cassandra Clare


The obligatory Shadowhunter book. Somehow, I can’t let go of this series even if I’m not as enthusiastic about it as before. I still feel the need to keep up with it and catch a glimpse of the original characters’ lives. That’s probably what happens when you get obsessed with certain books in your teenage years; God I feel old now.
Plus. the Netflix show doesn’t help either.

Throne of Glass 6 – Sarah J Maas


Can anyone tell me why there’s no cover or title yet even though the book comes out in September? Well for aesthetic reasons I’m putting Empire of Storms as a place holder. I need some pretty continuity here. I can’t wait to see how it all ends and how the final battle will unfold and who ultimately ends up with.
Edit: I heard it’s moved to 2018 and we get a Chaol oneshot in September instead? Not sure if I will be content with this switch tbh.


New Year, New Challenge

Let’s face it: I stopped making New Year’s resolutions for some time now, not because I think they are stupid, but because I know I won’t keep up with them in the long run. Especially since my resolutions are mostly things that I tell myself throughout the year: Eat healthier, do more sport, stress less… The usual stuff.

I do rigorously try to keep up with my reading, so naturally one of the first things I did this year was update my Goodreads challenge to 50 books. To be honest, it does look quite ambitious regarding the 29 books I’ve read last year, but I do like to challenge myself from time to time, even if it’s just with books.

Since I’m also rather fond of pretty lists, I looked through numerous reading challenges to find my perfect fit. The Popsugar Reading Challenge seems to be that one for me. It comes with a list of 52 prompts and two categories, the regular one and an advanced one, although personally I won’t distinguish between those two.
I already did a Popsugar challenge back in 2015 and this year’s challenge looks promising enough. Plus, it’s a nice feeling to tick something off a list. (Yes, I do tend to trick myself into pretending that this is an important to do list as well).

I love hearing about other people’s challenges so let me know what reading goals you set for yourself in 2017.



Unboxing: Fairyloot #1

Happy New Year!

I hope all of you survived the holidays and are looking forward to 2017. It can only get waaaaaay better from now on, so let’s pretend to keep up with resolutions for now and kick off this year with an unboxing, shall we?

I’ve always stared longingly at all those subscription boxes, especially the bookish ones, and last month I finally gave into that yearning and ordered my first Fairyloot box. Ever since I saw their September box (all the Six of Crows stuff?!), I’ve been bitter about missing it. So, when I found out that the December theme would be Sci-Fi, it was a no brainer. And I haven’t been disappointed. In fact, I ordered the January box before the other even arrived- so much for a trial order. Continue reading “Unboxing: Fairyloot #1”


Recipe: Orange Chocolate Cookies

img_0589Good evening everyone,

remember how I might have mentioned that I really like to bake? There’s no better season for it than Christmas. Now, I’m someone who tries to wait for December 1st (or at least the last week of November if I can’t help myself) before hauling out all the decorations, recipes, and of course that Christmas playlist. This December has been kind of stressful, so I didn’t get to bake as much as usual, I even had to divide the whole baking process into three separate days – first world problems, I know. Thankfully my grandma keeps me supplied with her gingerbread cookies, as well as all the ones her sister sent. I guess there’s an extra baking gene running in my family, or maybe we’re just crazy. Probably the latter.

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Review: Career of Evil by Robert Galbraith

Good evening everyone,
I’m back with a new review. I debated quite some time if I should write it at all to be honest. I’m not even sure if you could call this a review, it feels more like a rant. But I didn’t want to withhold my opinion on this book even if it’s just me complaining; and I kept procrastinating as well, something I thought I don’t do anymore after uni – but guess what, I’m still too good at it.

Cormoran Strike is back, with his assistant Robin Ellacott, in a mystery based around soldiers returning from war. When a mysterious package is delivered to Robin Ellacott, she is horrified to discover that it contains a woman’s severed leg.

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Frankfurt Book Fair and other life updates

Good evening, everyone!

This is just going to be a quick(er) update. I actually had a whole blogging schedule packed with books but I’ve started doing serious adult stuff two weeks ago (i.e. my internship), and that kept me busier than I thought it would. On top of that, going to two Twenty One Pilots concerts in one week, and thus also travelling to Vienna, doesn’t really leave much time for anything else. Not that I’m complaining, it was an amazing week and I’m not sure how I will actually deal with the weeks to come without having planned anything in advance yet. Although I’m looking forward to being able to just spend a whole day reading. It’s been way too long and with the days getting shorter and colder, it’s the perfect weather to curl up with a book.(If you want see more of what I was up to, you can find a lot of it on my Instagram or just hmu. I don’t think I’ve ever posted so much on there in such a short time).

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