Unboxing: Fairyloot #1

Happy New Year!

I hope all of you survived the holidays and are looking forward to 2017. It can only get waaaaaay better from now on, so let’s pretend to keep up with resolutions for now and kick off this year with an unboxing, shall we?

I’ve always stared longingly at all those subscription boxes, especially the bookish ones, and last month I finally gave into that yearning and ordered my first Fairyloot box. Ever since I saw their September box (all the Six of Crows stuff?!), I’ve been bitter about missing it. So, when I found out that the December theme would be Sci-Fi, it was a no brainer. And I haven’t been disappointed. In fact, I ordered the January box before the other even arrived- so much for a trial order. Continue reading “Unboxing: Fairyloot #1”


Recipe: Orange Chocolate Cookies

img_0589Good evening everyone,

remember how I might have mentioned that I really like to bake? There’s no better season for it than Christmas. Now, I’m someone who tries to wait for December 1st (or at least the last week of November if I can’t help myself) before hauling out all the decorations, recipes, and of course that Christmas playlist. This December has been kind of stressful, so I didn’t get to bake as much as usual, I even had to divide the whole baking process into three separate days – first world problems, I know. Thankfully my grandma keeps me supplied with her gingerbread cookies, as well as all the ones her sister sent. I guess there’s an extra baking gene running in my family, or maybe we’re just crazy. Probably the latter.

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Review: Career of Evil by Robert Galbraith

Good evening everyone,
I’m back with a new review. I debated quite some time if I should write it at all to be honest. I’m not even sure if you could call this a review, it feels more like a rant. But I didn’t want to withhold my opinion on this book even if it’s just me complaining; and I kept procrastinating as well, something I thought I don’t do anymore after uni – but guess what, I’m still too good at it.

Cormoran Strike is back, with his assistant Robin Ellacott, in a mystery based around soldiers returning from war. When a mysterious package is delivered to Robin Ellacott, she is horrified to discover that it contains a woman’s severed leg.

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Frankfurt Book Fair and other life updates

Good evening, everyone!

This is just going to be a quick(er) update. I actually had a whole blogging schedule packed with books but I’ve started doing serious adult stuff two weeks ago (i.e. my internship), and that kept me busier than I thought it would. On top of that, going to two Twenty One Pilots concerts in one week, and thus also travelling to Vienna, doesn’t really leave much time for anything else. Not that I’m complaining, it was an amazing week and I’m not sure how I will actually deal with the weeks to come without having planned anything in advance yet. Although I’m looking forward to being able to just spend a whole day reading. It’s been way too long and with the days getting shorter and colder, it’s the perfect weather to curl up with a book.(If you want see more of what I was up to, you can find a lot of it on my Instagram or just hmu. I don’t think I’ve ever posted so much on there in such a short time).

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Review: Crooked Kingdom by Leigh Bardugo

Kaz Brekker and his crew have just pulled off a heist so daring even they didn’t think they’d survive. But instead of divvying up a fat reward, they’re right back to fighting for their lives. Double-crossed and left crippled by the kidnapping of a valuable team member, the crew is low on resources, allies, and hope. As powerful forces from around the world descend on Ketterdam to root out the secrets of the dangerous drug known as jurda parem, old rivals and new enemies emerge to challenge Kaz’s cunning and test the team’s fragile loyalties. A war will be waged on the city’s dark and twisting streets―a battle for revenge and redemption that will decide the fate of magic in the Grisha world (goodreads).
Ever since I read Six of Crows, the first part of this duology, I’ve been waiting for its sequel. And the wait was more than worth it. Continue reading “Review: Crooked Kingdom by Leigh Bardugo”