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Blog Tour: Starfish by Akemi Dawn Bowman – Interview and Review



Kiko Himura has always had a hard time saying exactly what she’s thinking. With a mother who makes her feel unremarkable and a half-Japanese heritage she doesn’t quite understand, Kiko prefers to keep her head down, certain that once she makes it into her dream art school, Prism, her real life will begin.

But then Kiko doesn’t get into Prism, at the same time her abusive uncle moves back in with her family. So when she receives an invitation from her childhood friend to leave her small town and tour art schools on the west coast, Kiko jumps at the opportunity in spite of the anxieties and fears that attempt to hold her back. And now that she is finally free to be her own person outside the constricting walls of her home life, Kiko learns life-changing truths about herself, her past, and how to be brave.

From debut author Akemi Dawn Bowman comes a luminous, heartbreaking story of identity, family, and the beauty that emerges when we embrace our true selves Continue reading “Blog Tour: Starfish by Akemi Dawn Bowman – Interview and Review”

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ARC Review: A Messy Beautiful Life by Sara Jade Alan


Life is funny sometimes.

And not always the ha, ha kind. Like that one time where a hot guy tried to kiss me and I fell. Down. Hard. And then found out I had cancer.

I’m trying to be strong for my friends and my mom.

And I’m trying so hard to be “just friends” with that hot guy, even though he seems to want so much more. But I won’t do that to him. He’s been through this before with his family, and I’m not going to let him watch me die.

So, I tell myself: Smile Ellie. Be funny Ellie. Don’t cry Ellie, because once I start, I might not stop.

Thank you to Entangled Teen for sending me an advance reader copy in exchange for a fair review!

The title could not have been more fitting. I, too, feel like a beautiful mess right now. I read this book almost in one sitting, if it weren’t for work. Reading it made me both incredibly happy and sad at the same time. I might have also cried. Who am I kidding, of course I cried. Continue reading “ARC Review: A Messy Beautiful Life by Sara Jade Alan”


August Wrap Up

Hello lovelies!

Last month went by so fast, I can’t believe it’s already September. Time is weird. On the one hand I feel like there was supposed to be an August 32nd and on the other hand I’m thinking that it’s almost October. Well anyway, at least I can get my hands on all the PSL’s again. Yup, I’m that person.

Thanks to my vacation, I was finally able to relax and read a lot. Like a lot. I managed to read about six of the books in the one week I was relaxing on the beach of Gran Canarian. Yes, I’m mentioning this to get you all jealous because I feel the need to go there again (or anywhere really) because I’m ready for another vacation. Im not even sure how I managed to avoid the book hangover and read other books afterwards.

So here’s the list before life gets even more stressful and I forget to post again: Continue reading “August Wrap Up”


The Harry Potter Tag

Bildergebnis für hogwarts

Wow, this tag took me a while and I’m pretty sure everyone already did it. I’ve been tagged by Danielle and Jordan. Go and check out their answers too! But what’s better than getting over another year without any (late) Hogwarts letter, than doing the Harry Potter tag on September 1st?!


I’m a proud Slytherin.

Bildergebnis für slytherin crest


I think my patronus was a swift according to Pottermore.


I haven’t been on my Pottermore account for years, but I guess I have no choice but to check it for this tag. It’s an Fir wood, 11 1/2″, with an unicorn hair core and unbeding flexibility. Continue reading “The Harry Potter Tag”

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ARC Review: The Tiger’s Watch by Julia Ember


Sixteen-year-old Tashi has spent their life training as a inhabitor, a soldier who spies and kills using a bonded animal. When the capital falls after a brutal siege, Tashi flees to a remote monastery to hide. But the invading army turns the monastery into a hospital, and Tashi catches the eye of Xian, the regiment’s fearless young commander.

Tashi spies on Xian’s every move. In front of his men, Xian seems dangerous, even sadistic, but Tashi discovers a more vulnerable side of the enemy commander—a side that draws them to Xian.

When their spying unveils that everything they’ve been taught is a lie, Tashi faces an impossible choice: save their country or the boy they’re growing to love. Though Tashi grapples with their decision, their volatile bonded tiger doesn’t question her allegiances. Katala slaughters Xian’s soldiers, leading the enemy to hunt her. But an inhabitor’s bond to their animal is for life—if Katala dies, so will Tashi.

I’ve wanted to read Julia Ember’s books for a while now.( I still haven’t found the time for The Seafarer’s Kiss ) and then I got accepted for The Tiger’s Watch on NetGalley. I guess it was fate. The book had the perfect length for my flight home from Gran Canaria and I wouldn’t have been able to stop anyway. Continue reading “ARC Review: The Tiger’s Watch by Julia Ember”


Blogger Recognition Award


Good evening, everybody!

I haven’t been tagged in quite some time and now I have even been tagged twice for this one! Thanks so much to Phanny over at Phannie the Ginger Bookworm and Rebecca at Rebecca Reads. Go and check out their amazing blogs!
I actually planned to post this last week, but thanks to wordpress and a wobbly internet connection the post got lost somewhere in the deep dark net. I have no idea how I found this one again so let’s just say it was fate.

The Rules

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The Story of how my blog started

I always loved the idea of book blogging, but never started because I felt like I wasn’t any good at writing reviews. When I was writing my Bachelor thesis last July, I really wanted to start a blog, but knew that I couldn’t just leap into it. Otherwise, I would have definitely used it as means to procrastinate (and I already did that way too much without the distraction of blogging). So instead I decided to start as soon as I was finished with it and I managed to publish my first post in October I think? It was even easier to launch into this project since my dear friend Bekka joined as well and we keep motivating each other to write.

My Advice to new bloggers

Don’t feel pressured to write. It’s supposed to be fun and you’re doing it because you want to. Everyone has off days, a writer’s block, or just not enough time. I know it looks nicer if you post quite regularly, but it’s not always possible, so don’t beat yourself up too much about it. For me, organising my posts and binge writing a whole evening helps me staying (more or less) on track. This way I have some stuff stored away for later. Plus, I can use all my cute stationery for it.

Social Media is a great way to get your blog out there and also to get to know a lot of very nice people!

My tagged bloggers

I hope I didn’t tag anyone who already did this 🤓

  1. literaryleaves
  2. sincerelykarenjo
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  4. ashleighbekkah
  5. onceuponabookshelf
  6. rattlethestars



July Wrap Up

Happy Monday everyone!

This month sure went by fast! I met so many nice people and I can’t wait to be more active on here. Good thing, I’m finally going on a trip to Gran Canaria. Which basically means I’ll be lying on the beach, enjoying the sun and reading the whole day. I stocked up on eBooks – sadly, I can’t take all the physical books with me. You can check out the books I want to read on my vacation (and for the rest of August) here. Let’s see how many I’ll manage.

If you follow me on Social media, you might have seen this post here.
Thalia Ludwigshafen featured my book recs and my blog in their store. Thalia is one of Germany’s largest book chain stores and I’m really thankful that they asked me and gave me the opportunity to be a part of this awesome project. The display is simply beautiful! The books I’ve recommended were Vier Farben der Magie (A Darker Shade of Magic), The Raven Boys, Six of Crows and Always and Forever Lara Jean.

Okay, enough shitchat y’all. It’s time for the actual wrap up!

#1 Howl’s Moving Castle by Dianna Wynne Jones6294
My rating: ★★★★

I finally read the book the Ghibli movie is based on! Whenever I watched a movie before reading the book version, I’m scared that I will always remember the movie in my mind. Fortunately, this was not the case. A lot of things were projected quite differently, but just as magical. Also wow, I knew Howl was kinda a crybaby in the movie, but he was a lot worse in the book. Can I just quote Howl while he was having a cold? “I’m dying of neglect here.” Even though everyone was catering to his every need. What intrigued me were Howl’s origins and how he became a wizard, but sadly this topic was only breeched quickly.

35556631#2 Vier Farben der Magie by V.E. Schwab
My rating: ★★★★★

Yes, this was totally a cover buy. As soon as I saw the German version of A Darker Shade of Magic, I just had to buy it. Look how pretty it is! It’s one of the little books I read in German in quite some time and this time I got to say that I was content with the translation. This was actually also me trying to buddy read with a dear friend, but ended up with me binging the whole thing again in a few days.

35557889#3 The Snow Angel by Lauren St. John
Goodreads; My review
My rating: ★★★

I didn’t think I would enjoy this book as much as I did. After a sloppy start, this book captured me and I didn’t want to put it down. It’s quite the fast read with only 200 pages, which is nice in itself, but I feel like there were so many interesting plot points that were just touched superficially. This could of course be due to the fact that this book is aimed at children. I just feel like it had so much more potential. Another thing that confused me was that it was advertised as a Christmas book. Why did I ever think it wouldn’t be weird to read a Christmas book in summer, you asked? To be honest I didn’t think about it until I received the arc. Thankfully, Christmas wasn’t the focus of this book at all.

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ARC Review: The Snow Angel by Lauren St. John


Lauren St John's stunning Christmas classic is about forgotten children, the power of nature to heal us and a girl who will climb mountains in search for a place to call home.

Growing up in vibrant, crowded Nairobi, Makena has only one dream: to climb Mount Kenya like her hero, her mountain guide father. But when her beautiful world is shattered, she finds that in the city's dark places there are a thousand ways to fall, each more deadly than any crevasse. In a world of strangers, does she dare trust Snow, whose ballet dreams are haunted by a past she's still running from? And is the sparkling fox friend or foe?

After a fresh start in the Scottish Highlands turns bad, Makena flees to the mountains. But will they betray her or be the making of her?

I received this book for free from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.
This book was not at all what I expected from the summary. Especially the fact that this is advertised as a Christmas book and since I'm one of those people that can only start listening to Christmas songs on December 1st, so reading that topic in summer felt kind of weird. Fortunately, Christmas only played a bigger part towards the end of the book, where it made more or less sense to add it. This book, in my opinion, is much more than a Christmas tale.

The first couple of chapters were kind of slow but then I found my way into Makena's story and was so enraptured by it that I couldn't put down the book. St. John manages to beautifully depict the landscapes, cities and people in Kenya, as well as Scotland. Reading them I could imagine scaling up those mountains myself.

While the first chapters felt too slow, the later chapters were too fast paced for my taste. This, I think, is quite the shame, because I would have loved to learn so much more about the circumstances and life in Kenya. Instead it was like rushing through those important plot points, which all seemed to end in some kind of new drama. To sum it up, there was too much happening for only two hundred pages and it showed.

Another thing that irked me were the characters. We learned a lot about Makena, but I got the impression that every other character was just there so she could get more character development. They were introduced and were important, as well as actually interesting for a while, just to be mentioned in passing later on.

I liked this book, don't get me wrong. I just think it could have been so much better.

My rating: 

Release date: October 5th, 2017
Publisher: Head of Zeus
Format: eBook
Amazon; Goodreads

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Summer TBR

Hello lovelies!

It’s my favourite time of the year and I finally have two weeks of vacation which can only mean one thing; I now have enough time to read, relax and flee from the hideous rainy weather we are having here and enjoy the sun on Gran Canaria. Such a trip would be nothing without books so I got some (i.e. too many) to devour over the course of this summer. Let’s face it, I can’t read fast enough to finish them all in a week.

So, before I continue to rant any further, these are the books I bought:

fn k thi 54739237-00-00 peter

secret lor+ roar 2 images

That’s quite a list and these are only the latests additions to my tbr pile.. Did you guys read any of these or plan to do so? Also, let me know what’s on your summer tbr! I’d love to hear about it 🙂


June Wrap Up

Hello and welcome to another month! This wrap up is brought to you by the five-hour train ride and after a wonderful weekend with my friends I feel relaxed, motivated, and inspired enough to write a lot. I really missed that feeling, to be honest. So much happened in June: Germany legalized gay marriage just last Friday and I’m really happy that we finally reached that step. Some of you might have gotten that from my twitter. Oh, and both Leigh Bardugo and Victoria Schwab liked a tweet of mine recently and well, I think I died? Okay, back to the books. Sadly, the last two books I’ve read where quite disappointing. I had high hopes and they were not even reached half-way. Continue reading “June Wrap Up”