Getting to Know You Better Tag


Good evening, everyone!

I found this one in the depths of my drafts and maybe now that I have proper wifi I can finally do all the tag thingies right away and not forget about them.

I was tagged by Simant at Flipping Thru The Pages some time ago. Thank you for that! If you don’t know her yet, you should definitely check out her amazing blog! 🙂

This great tag has been created by Inkgirlworlds.

The Rules:

  • Answer the questions down below.
  • Credit the creator of the tag (Ink Girl and Words).
  • Nominate as many bloggers as you want, it has to be 5+ though.

The Questions:

#1 – How long have you been blogging?

I’ve been blogging since October 2016, so it’s already been a full year!

#2 – Do you enjoy doing tags?

I do! They are a great way to get to know other bloggers better and I love reading all the different answers to questions I answered as well.

#3 – Do you follow the blogs that follow you?

I try to follow back most of the time if the posts catch my eye or are similar to my taste in books.

#4 – Describe your blog in 5 words?

Oh boy, I’m bad at this, so I’ll just go with a few words less: bookish; mintcoloured (hah);  openminded

#5 – How many posts have you made on your blog? (Not counting this tag)

I’ve written 35 posts so far.

#6 – On a scale of 1-10 how much do you enjoy blogging?

A 7/8ish? I do enjoy it much more when I can be active and productive for a longer period of time but lately I’ve been swamped with work –and now uni. Unfortunately, I seem to fall into blogging slumps more often than into reading slumps at the moment and I hope I can restructure my blogging schedule so that I can soon say that I blogging is a 10/10 for me again.

#7 – Post some links to blogs you enjoy reading

There are quite a few blogs I enjoy reading. I narrowed it down a notch so I’m not spamming you guys with all the links.

#8 – Writing or reading blog posts?

I can’t really decide. Both of them have their perks and (not really) negative aspects. From time to time I get overwhelmed by the amount of blog posts I want to read and end up reading only a portion of what I wanted to. But then I really enjoy finding out about other people’s opinion on books I’ve read as well or want/plan to read.

I love writing, even if me and writing are currently in a love-hate relationship as seen above. I wouldn’t have started this blog if I didn’t like doing it at all and I’ve got to say that I already learned a lot just by writing posts (semi-) regularly..

Bloggers I tag:
I’m not tagging anyone because I’m pretty sure everyone already did this tag. If you haven’t, please feel yourself tagged!


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