Recipe: Orange Chocolate Cookies

img_0589Good evening everyone,

remember how I might have mentioned that I really like to bake? There’s no better season for it than Christmas. Now, I’m someone who tries to wait for December 1st (or at least the last week of November if I can’t help myself) before hauling out all the decorations, recipes, and of course that Christmas playlist. This December has been kind of stressful, so I didn’t get to bake as much as usual, I even had to divide the whole baking process into three separate days – first world problems, I know. Thankfully my grandma keeps me supplied with her gingerbread cookies, as well as all the ones her sister sent. I guess there’s an extra baking gene running in my family, or maybe we’re just crazy. Probably the latter.

While I love devouring all those pretty cookies, I like to wrap them up and give them to friends and family as a little gift. So, if you’re now thinking of doing the same or just want to make some cookies, let me help you out with one of my cookie dough recipes. I recently found this one in one of my mum’s Weight Watcher cook books and it looked just too good to not try it. They even taste as good and just as sweet as your regular cookies and I think with all that’s happening in the world right now we could all use something sweet.

What you need:

1 natural orange
200g plain flour
1 teaspoon of baking powder
1 tablespoon of cocoa powder
100g margarine (or alternatively: butter)
90g sugar
powdered sugar

♦Grate the orange zest and extract the juice from the fruit. If you aren’t sure if your orange has been treated with any chemicals whatsoever, you can leave out the zest. Mix the plain flour with the baking and cocoa powder. Then add the margarine/butter, sugar, two tablespoons of orange juice and orange zest, and knead the mixture into a smooth dough. Wrap it in cling film and let it rest in the fridge for about an hour.

For people that tend to just skip over recipes and don’t read them too carefully (ie. me): adding all the orange juice is not going to ruin anything, everything will just smell and taste more orange-y.

♦Preheat the oven to 180° and start using all those cookie cutters that have been chilling in that cupboard of yours.

♦Bake the cookies for about 10 minutes. Let them cool on the baking tray or if you have one, on the cooling rack. The thing with cookies is that they harden when they start to cool. If your cookies still look too pale or too soft, put them back in the oven for up to five minutes again.

♦Now that your cookies are ready to eat, you can either just do that or start decorating. Mix some water with the powdered sugar to create your icing. This time I added very little food colouring to get a pastel-ish look. If you want to give your icing more flavour, you can refine it with a few teaspoons of the orange juice.


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